lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009

Is worth to falling in love?

In the life, everybody climb his own mountains, ones prefer to do it alone, to fell the individual gratification, to conquer each cliff without help and without share the success no one.
The Marriage is an unusual adventure for growing and ripening. Also this mean to leave to travel alone and start the expedition accompanied. To climb this mountain of life helping and being helped by someone

Standart Of Matrimonial Love

The ideas about how to connect with opposite sex begining in the family and they learn more by the acts of theirs parents instead advices.
When someone in his childhood attend a good model of matrimonial love, this person obtains a great security in the union of couple, and learn to respect as an important act.
On the other hand, if a children observes descussion or failure marriage, he grow up with the idea that to get marry will be a serious mistake, scorn the relations and only satisfied his necessity of love with superficial adventures.

miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2009

What do they think about sex?

In an intimate relationship participate the body as the mind, but is has a big difference in men and women.
Man is more objective and his orgasm has the physical origin. he can fell the same pleasure having sex whit a young woman, old woman, female friend, or unknown woman.
the only difference between one and other is that some cause more excitement.

On the other hand, woman is more sentimental. Her orgasm has the psychology as fundamental origin.
woman accede to have relations not by physical pleasure, otherwise by mental arguments:
To fall in love, vanity and others. She likes to feel admirate, loved.
She likes that man loses the control, that man shows her what they are willing to do for her.
it satisfies a desire of woman.

Haste passional

many failure marriage are caused by this: Haste passional.

This is called "superficial engagement" where the person has the urgency to being loved and admired.
you think that this person is the best for you, because she or he has the physical appearance that you've dreamed.

This kind of link is pleasant but dangerous, is like to ride a horse:

There's not emotion to go step to step, the exciting is to gallop, to feel the dangerous of speed.
How can we recognize this?

By Three basic characteristic:

Physical attributes. (phisicist never lasts forever)
Impatience Sexual (It will end when your body was satisfied)
Excess of jealousy and search of control.

Is the sex a necessity?

The sex isn't a vital necessity, one example of this is that you can stop to do it, you won't die or become ill.
Exist many people that have a healthy life without have sex.
Is possible to say that have sex is a physical feedback or reaction against the stimulates of enviorment.
Without stimulate, there's not a reaction.
the sex migth become a necessity only if you overuse of it.
In the same way you can depend of alcohol if you don't control the way you drink it.

martes, 18 de agosto de 2009

Mistakes Of Engagement

Maybe you'll get marry believing that you're in love, like travelers walking on the desert, hungry and thristy, they can convince themselves that a few meters they'll find an oasis.
You look an illusion when you idealize.
You've lost the control by someone that you don't know very well.
you see the prince or princess of your dreams incarnate in that person, that is only a creation of you.
you give him o her skills and virtues, that she or he doesn't have.
If you find a defect, and say you could change it. you only obtain to harass and intimidate this person.
As Upshot this person lost the skills that initially you liked.

The Ideal love destroyes the heart because it doesn't exist.
The True Love has to build between two mature personthat accept how they are.
the true love grow up when both have freedom, independece, and autonomy.
the love has to strew, water, cultivate and final it has to harvest.
If You are not willing to work, never you'll get it.

And believe me, anything is more painful that wake up in a horrible reality when is too much late.